Royal Thrones

Royal Thrones: Century III

Century 3Century 3Century 3Century 3
Ceramic china pedal flush toilet.
Auto flush ceramic china urinal (men's cubical only).
LED occupancy and amber safety lighting.
Automated touchless towel dispenser.

The Century III was designed around bigger gatherings. Woth a 500 gallon holding tank, it can accommodate up to 1,500 flushes. It features the same easy to clean interior, easy maintenance and set up exterior of the Century II in a larger event handling frame.
Century 3

  Century III Century III Combo
Box Width 72" 72"
Overall Width 98" 98"
Box Length 192-1/2" 192-1/2"
Overall Length 240-1/2" 240-1/2"
Interior Height 81-1/4" 81-1/4"
Overall Height 122-3/4" w/AC 122-3/4" w/AC
Curb Weight 4890 lbs 4828 lbs
Tongue Weight 750 lbs 850 lbs
Platform Height 28" 28"
Fresh Water Cap. 125 gal 125 gal
Holding Tank Cap. 500 gal 300 gal

Century 3 Floorplan