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Royal Thrones® Franchise family.

There are many reasons to join the Royal Thrones® Franchise.  A Royal Thrones franchisee operates as a supplier of high quality, portable restrooms.

Royal Thrones restrooms are in demand for weddings, corporate events, family reunions, graduations, barbeques, sports events and more.


What you can expect:

  • Exclusive Territories
  • Corporate and Locally-Based Training
  • Portable Trailer Equipment Selection & Purchasing Assistance
  • A fully developed Internet website, and  email
  • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relation Assistance
  • Franchisee Resource, Guidance and Materials
  • Use of Royal Thrones® Federally protected name and logo.

Learn about the future Royal Thrones franchise opportunity, a turnkey operation with easy startup.   After you see our  high quality portable restrooms stocked with a variety of great amenities you’ll understand how and why the Royal Thrones will soon be the “only place to go” brand for this service.

What sets Royal Thrones apart?   Our distinctive deliverable restrooms include  music, fresh flowers, designer soaps and lotions, name brand paper products, wicker waste baskets, air fresheners, heat, Air Conditioning and most importantly – fresh water.

Franchise Questions for Royal Thrones


What will I receive as part of the Royal Thrones franchise system?
You will have training at a designated corporate location for up to seven days, including both classroom and in-the-field training. You will also receive coaching at your own location. You will have access to the Royal Thrones  trademark, approved suppliers, and our exclusive equipment  and a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your business effectively.

What type of prior experience do I need to have?
Client service and business management skills are important. Regardless of your skills or background, we will provide the tools and training you need to run your own Royal Thrones business.

How much will the Royal Thrones franchise investment cost me?
The total initial investment, including franchise fee and some working capital, should fall between _____ and $________. As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business.

Are there ongoing fees paid to the franchisor?
Franchisees will be required to pay the higher amount of either ___% of revenues or an established minimum flat fee. These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of new products, procedures, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

Are there any advertising fees?
Franchisees will be required to spend between $_____ and $____ per year on local marketing, depending on market size. Franchisees may also be required to contribute up to __% (but starting out at __%) of their revenues toward a system marketing fund. Funds are used to develop marketing strategies to promote the Royal Thrones brand and fund the creative costs to develop local franchise marketing materials.

Is financing available?
We may be able to provide references to qualified financing or lending agencies, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term of your Royal Thrones franchise agreement is ____ years, with three subsequent renewal options of _____ years each.

How do I get started?
If you’re interested finding out more about a Royal Thrones franchise, email us to request our franchise program brochure Franchise@RoyalThrones.com. Once you’ve found out more about our concept and whether it is right for you, then we will help you with an application. We’ll setup up a face-to-face meeting, where you can visit our corporate offices, meet with key franchise management staff, and receive our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which contains all the important details you’ll need to make an informed decision.

What kind of training and support will I receive?
Franchisees will be required to attend a one-week training program at Royal Thrones  corporate office in either Amarillo, Texas or Kennebunk, Ma,; this will include ample field experience. Once the franchisee is operating from his own location, Royal Thrones will use field support staff to visit the franchisee and provide additional coaching.

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